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About Us

BB's Preschool is dedicated to the success of all children. Guided by the knowledge of child development and research-based practices, the early childhood staff provides developmentally appropriate experiences. The staff uses the early childhood curriculum as a framework for facilitating children's growth in all areas of development. All children are seen as individuals; therefore, staff provides modifications and adaptations to ensure the success of all children. The classroom environment is set up to encourage play which is the most important process through which children learn. The early childhood staff feels families play an important role in their child's educational success. Ongoing, open communication is considered essential and families are encouraged to actively participate in their child's education.

We are a licensed facility that has a maximum capacity of 31 children ages 3-5. We start each spring enrolling children for the 20 slots available.

As a Voluntary Preschool Initiative Program and a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), we are also partners with the Sioux City Community School District and Siouxland SHIP

We are DHS Licensed, QRS (Quality Rated System) Level 4 and QPPS verified by Sioux City Community Schools (Iowa Department of Education: Quality Preschool Program Standards). Member of the Better Business Bureau.

The Staff

Brenda Barto


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